Area 3

Area 3 Venturing

NER Area 3

Vermont, New York, and Northern Pennsylvania 

Five Rivers
Greater Niagara Frontier
Green Mountain
Iroquois Trail
Revolutionary Trails
Seneca Waterways
Twin Rivers

Meet the Officers

Area 3 President:  Sabrina Krutz

   Advisor:  Eric Falkman

Area 3 VP Admin:  Tim Plumadore

Area 3 VP Prog:  Jordan Dunning

Area 3 VP Comm:  Evan Graney



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Area 3 Venturing Officers’ Association Goals

Mission Statement: The mission of the Northeast Region Area 3 Venturing Officers Association is to help put together and organize the Councils of our Area by teaching and applying the Standard Operating Procedures, and create better channels of communication with each council so we can join together and become a stronger Area.


  1. Help create Council Venturing Officer Associations within Councils in NER-A3

  2. Increase Venturing communication between all our Councils


  1. Select and incorporate three Area Vice Presidents into the Area Venturing Team, who are from other councils
  2. Help the Council officers create goals that correspond with the Venturing goal: to help youth unite, take leadership roles, make friends, and have fun.